Milly x Nike+ FuelBand – My Daily Fuel

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Nike approached me a couple of weeks back about taking part in Nike+ FuelBand challenge that worked something like this:

Take 5 x UK, female bloggers & influencers from different backgrounds – lifestyle, DJ, fashion & food:

- Me 

- Melissa Bradshaw (

- Reem Kanj (

- Sabina Rosander (

- Sarah Young (

Add a Nike+ FuelBand

Nominate 1 day in a working week to feature each of them (today is my turn as you’ve no doubt guessed) going about their business to see how they clock up Fuel in their daily lives.

I love a challenge, especially one that allows me to indulge my super competitive side so I was like ‘hell yeah count me in’! Now, I have to admit, I’ve been over sharing my #Fuel count since I started wearing this addictive gadget 2 weeks ago – Apologies for those of you who have been subjected to my daily goal updates and self-congratulatory tweets. I can say in 13 days of having it I’ve been actively seeking out stairs, broken escalators and taking the longer route to any destination just to beat my own PB and today was no different.

My Daily Fuel Goal today was 3,500 (my average is about 3,914), a day in the life of me and my Nike+FuelBand looks a little something like this:

10am : By the time I’d had my first coffee of the day, checked emails and was ready to leave the house I’d clocked 820 #Fuelcheck running up and down the stairs in my flat etc

Nike+ FuelBand, Nike Air Max 90, Nike, Fuel, Sneakers
11am : A brisk walk from mine in Highbury to Holloway to meet the one like Hells Gibson for a cuppa and chat about new nail art options for the next Mill’s Meals shoot and I was up to 1,421 #Fuelcheck

Nike+ FuelBand, Fake Nails with designs, cup of tea 

12.30pm : Took the scenic route back to mine via the Emirates Stadium, lots of stairs for the taking. Always time to stop, get some inspiration and chuckle at the bus loads of tourists milling about 1,856 #Fuelcheck

Arsenal, Stadium, Nike+ FuelBand

12.33pm : Just time to squeeze in the stairs of course 1,939 #Fuelcheck!

Stairs, Arsenal staium, Emirates, Nike+ FuelBand

1.30pm : Time to grab some proper comfort food in the shape of a well-earned baked potato at my local caff 2,363 #Fuelcheck

Baked potato, Nike+ FuelBand, #makeitcount

The rest of my afternoon has been spent sheltering from the cold indoors, mostly baking up some Kipferl to test out on my work posse & sorting out a playlist for my next Mill’s Meals Podcast.

4.30pm: Vanilla Kipferl making, baking and tasting 2,837 #Fuelcheck

Vanilla Kipferl Biscuits

Nik+ FuelBand, #Fuelcheck, Vanilla Kipferl, Milly Cundall

5:30pm : I cooked up a batch of warming broth with Curly Kale to top up my vegetable intake later on 3,400 #Fuelcheck

Curle Kale and pasta soup

6.06pm : Final #Fuelcheck 3,512

Fuelband, Nike, Nike+, #Fuelcheck

I should point out that today’s my designated day in the week to work on my own projects, play in my kitchen and catch up with Mill’s Meals business - Hence why I’m running all over the place. Tuesday – Friday I’m office bound but even then, with the combination of my walk to and from the tube, walking up the escalator at Brixton (it’s a monster) and then taking the three flights of stairs up to my office, I clock my daily goal pretty effortlessly everyday. My point here is not to sound self-congratulatory and smug but simply put: I’m an active person. I find it almost impossible to sit still long enough to watch any film start-to-end, I love pottering about and I do walk everywhere I can but, from when I got my FuelBand, I’ve noticed myself being more active since I started, ultimately, competing with myself! It very quickly becomes all about upping your daily goal and smashing your personal best – I’ve not even taken it into the gym yet but lord knows when I do you’ll all be hearing it about it. I’m unashamedly a Nike+ FuelBand addict.



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New ‘Mill’s Meals With’ – Episode 1 featuring Spin Doctor

This is the first episode of ‘Mill’s Meals With‘ – title’s pretty self-explanatory but in case you’re struggling, the idea is: I get a willing guest on, cook my take on their favourite meal and lightly grill them at the same time. My first willing guest is London-based DJ and party promoter Spin Doctor and I cook up my take on his fave French Toast – Baked French Toast Bagels with Strawberry Sauce served W/a little banter and some healthy grilling. If you want to hear an exclusive Cookdown mix Spin Doctor kindly did for Mill’s Meals, have a listen to my brand, spanking, new podcast below or CLICK ME.

For other culinary delights, subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking HERE and keep your peepers peeled for my next video which will drop just before Christmas and feature another very special guest.

A big thank you to my sponsors 55DSL.



5 assorted bagels

5 large eggs

400ml milk (semi skimmed is fine)

1Tbsp Vanilla extract

85g caster sugar

1Tsp ground cinnamon (plus more to sprinkle on top)

200g fresh strawberries

3Tbsp caster sugar

Serve with a spoonful of Mascarpone and a sprig of fresh mint

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Mill’s Meals Podcast Episode 1

Cooking for me is nothing without the music that accompanies the whole process. Music is really important to me and makes my time in my kitchen.  This got me thinking about new ways to make my recipes fun and encompass the added flavour of music. Cue my new idea: Mill’s Meals podcasts. You can now cook along with my recipes in real-time whilst accompanied by dope music and friendly banter – hopefully making the whole thing a chilled and enjoyable experience for all. The first one has step-by-step instructions for my Tuscan Pea soup recipe with an exclusive ‘Cookdown’ mix by DJ and Promoter Spin Doctor – so you can dance around your kitchen while you cook, like I do. I’ll be doing these to accompany my videos every month, so there’s something for everyone.

You can have a listen here…



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Mill’s Meals: ‘Tuscan Pea Soup’ Recipe

This is the perfect Autumnal recipe, cheap and cheerful as well as colourful and tasty. You can make a batch for next to nothing and it reheats well so you can take it into work in tupperware and feed yourself for at least three days. How else do you think I manage to save up for all my Air Max 1′s? Tupperware rules everything around me. This is perfect for veggies too, just swap chicken for veggie stock and voila!


1 large onion, very thinly sliced
3 large cloves of garlic, peeled
1 stick of celery, peeled and finely diced
1 large carrot, peeled and finely diced
1 Litre of chicken stock (from cube or homemade)
2 cups of frozen petit pois
Serve with:
I large slice of crusty, white bread toasted – Sourdough preferably
I clove of garlic cut in half to rub over the toast
Grated Parmesan

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A big special thanks to:

My sponsor 55DSL, you can find my T-shirt or ones similar> here

Make-up by the wonderful Mary Jane Gotidoc, check her amazing work> here

Nails by the one and only Hells Gibson, the lady is so much more than nails, check out her brilliant mag ‘Pussy’ > here

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‘A Month in Marrakesh’ by Andy Harris

I love Moroccan food, almost as much as I love the notion of creating my own, slow cooked, juicy and rich tagines at home. However, living with a vegetarian does somewhat scupper that idea as the best part of cooking, for me, is sharing it with others – clearly barking up the wrong tree there. When I was sent a copy of ‘A Month in Marrakesh’ by Andy Harris to review, I immediately found the tagine section and shortlisted what I wanted to test out, all that was missing were some willing Guinea Pigs. Turns out I didn’t have to wait long as I had some carnivores coming over for dinner the next week, perfect.

After banging on about slow cooked tangines, I opted for one that actually didn’t require much time to prepare or cook – due to my own hectic schedule and having all the ingredients already: The Kefta (meatballs) in tomato sauce with eggs on top. I’m a  meatball veteran but even if you’re not, they’re quick, easy and very satisfying to assemble and chuck in a pan.

The next step was to make the delicious, cinnamon laced tomato sauce, again really simple and easy to do. Once that’s done all you need to do is add the meatballs, let the sauce thicken up and then add the eggs on top.

I used the wrong kind of pan, long story, so my eggs took longer to cook on top than they should’ve done but I just put them under the grill to finish them off before chucking a handful of Parsley on top and serving.

The outcome? Every plate was wiped clean with crusty bread and there were a lot of happy faces around my table, all of which I was able to enjoy without having to break a sweat in the process. The honest feedback was that it was absolutely delicious and loved by all, happy carnivores. Result!

I can honestly say there’s so many recipes in this book I can’t wait to try out, including the slower cooked tagines! The book’s really well thought out from start to finish, as you’d expect from such an experienced foodie, peppered with interesting facts about each dish and all accompanied by exquisite, vibrant photography. This book successfully captures your imagination and transports you into Andy Harris’ own, unique, experience of Marrakesh and, rather than being remotely intimidating, it immerses you and takes you along for the journey. For me, it was very telling when I found myself thumbing through the book from start to finish, unable to put it down and wanting to make nearly everything with each page I turned – My attention span rarely lasts that long.

A Month in Marrakesh by Andy Harris, £16.99 paperback, published by Hardie Grant



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Mill’s Meals x 55DSL : One Pot Chicken

Fresh for September, here’s the latest Mill’s Meals. I love this dish for many reasons; it’s really tasty, the ingredients are cheap and easy to get and, most importantly, it never lets me down. A great post-work midweek dinner. If you’re feeling indulgent, add half a pot of double cream to the mix but be warned it makes it very rich and may induce a food coma.

Ingredients (serves 2):

4 free range chicken thighs
1 garlic bulb
1 handful fresh Tarragon
1 cup of dry white wine (cheap & cheerful)
1 cup of chicken stock
Handful of small waxy potatoes (Roseval are good)
Juice of half a lemon
1/2 cup of frozen petit pois
Serve with rice
Special Thanks to 55DSL, click here for my vest
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