Hey, I’m Milly keen cook, feeder and mum to son Archie (currently in throws of his terribly twos). If you’ve read my blog already, you’ll have guessed I’m slightly obsessed with food. If this is your first time checking it out, my obsession will pretty quickly become apparent. My food infatuation is swiftly followed by a healthy love of trainers which you’ll also see dotted about the place.

The recipes you’ll find on here are ones I make for the my family and are designed to be speedy, easy to pull together and, on the whole, well balanced. My husband is veggie so a lot are meat free but not all. My hope is these recipes are easy for you to reach for when time is limited but you still want to create something tasty, that your child will actually eat (trust me I know all about fussy eaters) and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Most recently I’ve launched my own no added sugar or salt ketchup for kids called Kidchup, you can read all about my journey to develop and launch it here and here. So, you’ll also see posts about that in the mix as I share all the great and, no doubt, hard lessons I learn as I go.


Have any questions about the blog or kidchup then just drop me a line: millycundall@gmail.com


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