This is a super quick, super summery pudding and whilst the weather’s still good one you should try out next time you BBQin’! The wonder of it is A) It takes literally minutes to make and B) You can do it in a griddle pan so in fact you don’t even have to be BBQin’ to treat yourself. Really this should just be called ‘Grilled Peaches’ but any way.  Now depending on how healthy you’re feeling these soft, sweet, sticky delights can be served warm with yogurt (Greek works really well) or smothered in vanilla ice cream, either way I recommend drizzling more maple syrup on top just to be on the safe side!


2 Ripe peaches (allow 1 peach per person or 2 if you’re feeling greedy)

1 Tbsp Maple syrup + plenty more for liberal drizzling

Knob of butter if you plan on using a griddle pan

1. Cut the peaches in half and remove stones

2. Brush the inside flesh of the halved peaches with a good amount of maple syrup

3. Put your peaches flesh side down on the grill - if you’re putting these on the BBQ make sure you’re not putting them onto a meaty bit of the grill, try and find them a nice clean spot away from the hottest part so they can cook and soften without the maple syrup immediately burning.  If you’re using a griddle pan put it on a medium to high heat, add a knob of butter but be careful not to let it burn then place your peaches cut side down.

4. Give the peaches 5-8 minutes (if you’re BBQin this will slightly depend on how hot your BBQ is). Once they’re looking nicely caramelised and soft they’re ready! I don't tend to BBQ the fuzzy side but you can experiment if you're feeling that way inclined. Take them off the heat and serve immediately with a big scoop of ice cream of yogurt and add an extra drizzle of maple syrup for good measure.

Voila! A wicked BBQ treat that doesn’t require you sweating over a hot grill for hours.