Crispy Chicken with my Tonkatsu Sauce

The last supper!

This was the last thing I made for Arch and I before I came down with what I'm pretty certain is Corona (every time I say that 'My Sharona' starts looping in my head). Forgive my lack of decent photography, this was done on the fly but I thought I'd share it nonetheless as it's one you should have up your sleeve at all times (unless you're veggie/vegan in which case maybe skip this one).

When I shared this on my insta I hadn't been able to smell/taste for the 10 days, I'm now a month post suspected Rona and I have about 70% back which is amazing but slow going. It's been a very strange experience for a kitchen dweller like me but I've got by on muscle memory and gut instinct. Now before you question my logic/sanity and think "why the hell would I cook this when she can't even tell if this is good or not?!" I know this was banging because it was a couple days before i got ill and I've made it many times, so you're in good hands.

Arch loves this and has declared it as good as Yo Sushi’s 'crunchy chicken' and truly this is the highest accolade I could aspire to. I've made it. 
To make the breadcrumbs I blitzed up some stale bread I had, it was a mix of two different loaves and it works beautifully every damn time. Don't throw stale bread out, blitz it into crumbs and freeze it, your future self with thank you.


4 skinless, boneless free range chicken thighs
4 TBSP plain flour
pinch of salt and crack of fresh black pepper
25ml milk (add more if you need to) or use 1 egg beaten
100ml Rapeseed or nut oil - something with a high smoke point ideal but work with what you've got
1. Put your flour salt and pepper on one plate and mix

2. Put your milk into a shallow bowl - a wide one is good

3. Add breadcrumbs to another shallow bowl

4. Dip each thigh into the seasoned flour, shaking off any excess, then into milk and then drench them through the breadcrumbs making sure they're well coated. Place on another plate ready to fry

5. Add the oil in a frying pan, I use my wok, and over a medium high heat let it get very hot. To test if the oil is ready drop a breadcrumb in and if it bubbles you're ready to go. Be careful here, you don't want to splash yourself with hot oil

The key to success here is: Don't crowd your pan, and keep an eye on them, you don't want them to crisp up too fast and not be cooked in the middle. Watch them and turn your heat down if they're browning too fast. Fry until they're cooked in the middle, roughly 4 minutes each side

6. If I've got a lot going on and I can't babysit them, I put them into my oven for another 5 minutes to be sure they're done

7. Let the thighs rest for a minute before slicing, this allows them to 'relax' (we could all do with a bit more of this at the moment) and means they're super tender. I then serve on rice with the below sauce drizzled on top
Tonkatsu sauce:
I'm not claiming authenticity here but I will say it's pretty damn close. Tweak this as you like, this doesn’t have to be exact so play around with the balance of salt to sweet:

2 TBSP Soy
2 TBSP Mirin
2 TBSP BBQ’D Kidchup
2 TSP Maple syrup (you can use sugar)
Small piece of fresh ginger finely chopped
1 bashed garlic clove
Put everything in a pan and bring to the boil, then simmer for a couple minutes until it becomes a thin syrup. Scoop out the garlic and ginger if you can be bothered. Drizzle over your chicken and bask in the compliments that will come your way. If you've got sauce left over, i applaud you. Put it in some tupperware and keep in you fridge until next time, should be fine for a couple of weeks but try before using again to be sure.