This is the final recipe in our Sainsbury's series. I know chicken wraps have been done to death but there is a reason for that; they're delicious, you can customise them to please most people and they're easy! These are a regular mid-week meal in our house and If I am organised I get my chicken thighs marinading the night before but equally, you can do it a couple hours before and it's no biggie. The veggie gets his with some roasted veg and some halloumi if I'm being really organised.

An important note about this recipe, if you use breast instead of thigh it will be dry. Thighs are a lot tastier, retain their moisture more and are cheaper! Let them rest for a couple of minutes after grilling and they stay really juicy. Pomegranates are well loved by Archie, in fact this recipe was the first time I introduced him to them as 'jewels' and he has loved them ever since but best avoided if you're making this for really little ones.