Dutch babies are awesome and easy breakfast pancakes. They basically follow the same principle as a Yorkshire pudding. Make a batter and pour it into a very hot metal pan and into a very hot oven and step back as it turns into a splendid puffy dome of goodness. The batter doesn’t have any raising agent and it’s slightly denser and more custardy than your usual pancake but they’re equally delicious. The beauty is, these are really quick to make, all you need to do is pre-heat your oven and your cast iron frying pan then pour in the batter and pop it in the oven. No standing around flipping pancakes and keeping them warm in the oven whilst you make enough for everyone sat around your table.

A Dutch baby made with all white flour is a beautiful sight to behold as it comes out the oven. You’re met with a big fluffy dome that gently deflates moments after it’s removed from the oven (I challenge you to try and snap this moment, it’s practically impossible single handed). I wanted to make a slightly healthier, toddler-friendly version so have created a half spelt flour half white flour one which is distinctly less puffy but more nutritious and equally delicious. You won’t be greeted by a glorious dome when you remove this from the oven, it will try to puff but it won’t quite be as proud. But that’s ok. In fact, it doesn’t matter because it’s all about what’s on the inside. Plus no one will know any different because a normal one would be deflated by the time you got it to the table to show off anyhow! If you do decide you want all out glory and spelt doesn’t appeal, just follow instructions below using all white flour.

Dutch babies don’t have any sugar in the batter but are usually adorned with a heavy dusting of icing sugar. I’ve swerved that and have created a blueberry sauce with a small amount of maple syrup which gives it plenty of natural sweetness with a lot less refined sugar. A dollop of Greek yogurt on top makes it all the more indulgent but you could also try some mascarpone. Archie simples loves this!

Equipment: You do need a cast iron frying pan (check out Lodge Cast Iron) to make this  OR you can make individual ones in a non-stick metal muffin tin. If you do keep an eye on them as the cooking time will be slightly less.


2 Medium eggs

A handful of fresh or frozen blueberries

½ Tablespoon of Maple syrup

125ml Whole milk

44g Plain white flour

44g Wholemeal Spelt flour

A small knob of unsalted butter

1 Tablespoon of Total Greek yogurt

1. Turn your oven to 220C (425F or Gas Mark 7)

2. Place your skillet or muffin tray into the oven to get hot

3. If your eggs aren’t at room temperature put them in a bowl of warm water for five minutes (this helps the puff factor)

4. Put the blueberries and maple syrup in a saucepan over a low heat and leave to simmer gently, stirring occasionally whilst you crack on with the main event

5. Put your milk in a mug or suitable jug and microwave for 20 seconds to warm up

6. Crack the eggs into a large bowl and mix with a whisk. Add the milk and mix again. Then add the flours and mix briefly until there’s little or no lumps

7. Carefully get your pan or tray out of the oven and with a knife run the butter around the bottom and the edges

8. Carefully pour the batter into your cast iron pan and put into the oven on the middle shelf

9. Set the timer for 12 minutes if doing one big Dutch baby, it will be slightly less if you’re doing small individual ones

10. Get it out of the oven and place on a heatproof surface. Pour over the blueberry sauce and dollop the Greek yogurt on top then serve. A couple rashers of streaky bacon up the levels here!