The last three weeks have been a blur, one laced with extreme highs and extreme lows. Predictably, as Kidchup's launched, life got crazy. I have been absolutely bowled over by the level of love and support you have all shown me and this idea of mine. The sharing, supporting, encouraging and, of course, buying has kept me going through the very late nights, kitchen disasters and trips to the Post Office laden with 4KG parcels of Kidchup! I have been trying to record a video for weeks but failed miserably until now! My latest vid is still filmed on my phone and a bit wobbly, to say the least, but I am working on it I promise. 

I will also be sharing Kidchup recipes over the coming weeks so make sure you pop your email below so you don't miss out. This week's recipe is one of Archie's faves, sticky grilled chicken.