Little Cooks Cooking Kits

Little Cooks Co was founded by two mums, Helen and Kate.  Helen is a mum of one who left her job in central government to train in nutrition and Kate is a mum of two with a high-flying job in marketing. As often is the case, I know it was in mine, having kids has made them passionate about getting kids eating good stuff - cue a brilliant business idea!  

Together, they’ve created Little Cooks Co. The idea simply put is healthy cooking kits for kids, delivered to your door monthly. Each kit contains a healthy, refined sugar-free snack recipe and all the dry organic ingredients you need to make it. You then add any other stuff you may need, depending on recipe (in our case nut butter, honey and butter), and get cooking with your little one(s).

I love the idea of baking with Archie but am often short of time and inspiration so the idea of a kit coming through the letterbox with everything already thought out, is great. The easy-to-follow recipe cards are well executed and easy to follow which is a win when you have an impatient toddler vying for your attention. Archie was incredibly excited about the fact the kit they kindly sent us was addressed to him personally and was for him to cook with me rather than the other way round. All of this got him engaged in the process from the jump off.

This month’s box is a Halloween special and the recipe is Spooky Spiders, basically rice crispy cakes reinvented for a new, health conscious generation. Plain old Rice Krispies have been replaced with puffed brown rice, puffed quinoa, groats, nuts and more tasty and nutritious stuff! I didn't have some of the ingredients needed for the recipe but swapped them for things I had and they still turned out to be delicious.

Cooking with a three year old is always testing for a slightly impatient perfectionist like me but I do try. He loved all the bits you’d expect, stirring, mixing and then eating the mix straight out the bowl before we’d made our spiders. The great thing is, even his attention span could stay focused for the key bits in this. Also, the fact he could see what we were going to make and the steps we needed to take to make them made it all the more engaging.

There was about twenty minutes prep time and just seven minutes cook time with this kit before we started applying googly eye stickers and making pipe cleaner legs for our spiders. I gave up on the latter after it became clear Arch just wanted to eat them and every time I laboured over a masterpiece he’d just knock the legs off and try and put the chocolate torso in his mouth. He had a lot of fun naming our finished spiders too.

Archie's spider on the left

These kits are a really nice way of getting kids interested in cooking and aware of what goes into the snacks they eat. If you’re going to let your kid have the occasional treat why not make them as nutritious as possible and rope the kids into cooking them whilst you're at it?

The monthly kits are £7.99 but I have an EXCLUSIVE discount for you. To get 25% off your first order enter the code MC25 at checkout.  You can find Little Cooks Co here