Our third recipe for Sainsbury's went live today and it's definitely one for all you parents struggling to get enough oily fish into your kids. This miso salmon is melt-in-the-mouth and the bed of nutty wholewheat noodles is a great way to smuggle in some veg - I sometimes add sweetcorn and peas as well. This is one dish I know Archie will devour without a grumble thanks to the slightly sweet miso/maple syrup mix and the buttery texture of the salmon. If you can get organised and get your salmon marinading the night before, it really is a really speedy supper. Don't worry if not, I often forget and just give it a quick twenty minute marinade.

Archie's 'good' declaration at the end never fails to crack me up, especially when you throw the noodle hanging out his mouth scenario into the mix. Here's a lil screen grab of it below, in case y'know, you missed it when you watched the video.