Speedy Noodle Bowl

Whilst we are in lockdown, and remain so for the foreseeable, I vowed to myself there would only be one hot meal a day to save on ingredients, time, headspace, washing up, money etc etc. Then, yesterday, I realised I’d done the exact opposite because y’know old habits die hard and I quite like the sanctuary of my kitchen. I use the term ‘sanctuary’ loosely here, there is not such thing during waking hours at the moment but I’m trying to rope kiddo in more since he can’t seem to do anything without my constant input. I’m also trying not to let myself fall into a self congratulatory cycle of thinking I’m nailing multitasking when, in actuality, I’m doing a lot of things averagely and kiddo is getting low vibe me.

Any way, the headline is: This is a speedy recipe that is totally flexible to your ingredients and results in a delicious and well balanced meal. May I humbly suggest you save this for a dinner though?

Serves one adult and a kid - add another nest of noodles for two adult portions

1 TSP Soy sauce
2 TSP Water
Pinch of freshly ground black pepper
1 TSP Dashi powder (non essential)
1/8 TSP Maple syrup or sugar
1 TBSP of oil
1 Nest or handful of rice noodles soaked
Protein of your choice tofu/chicken/prawns
1 Clove of garlic finely chopped
1 cm Fresh ginger finely chopped
1 Spring onion or shallot finely chopped
Veg of your choice. I had to mostly resort to what was in the freezer so used peas and sweetcorn plus some sad mushrooms and green beans I found in the fridge. This is survival mode, authenticity can wait.

  1. In a bowl mix soy sauce, water, ground black pepper, maple syrup and dashi powder together and set aside
  2. Add a splash of oil to a wok over a medium heat, add the prawns and cook until they turn pink if raw or, if already cooked, are hot in the middle then remove from pan. Don’t over do it or they’ll be rock hard
  3. Add a splash more oil if you need to then add the ginger, spring onion/shallots and garlic and cook over medium heat for a minute.
  4. Throw in whatever veg you want and cook for a couple of minutes
  5. Tip in your softened pre-soaked noodles and the sauce and mix well. Cook for a couple of minutes until all well incorporated
  6. Put your prawns back into the wok, mix well and cook for couple minutes more then serve