I swore in my penultimate post that I was returning to the kitchen and honestly I’ve been in there ever since. However, I’ve been making batch upon batch of Kidchup and little else. Since Kidchup went live on the blog two weeks ago I’ve been in a very surreal bubble, cooking, bottling, wrapping and posting almost constantly. Losing all track of time and, to be honest, my grip on the ability to juggle home life and business as well as usual. Mealtimes have consisted of eggs, salads or, mostly, honestly just a takeaway. Junior has been doing better than we have, mostly thanks to a stock of pasta sauce I managed to squirrel away in the freezer before Kidchup went live. These pizzas have also been my regular go-to for Archie after long days in the kitchen. Now, to call these pizzas a ‘recipe’ is a bit of a stretch. This is, in fact, a very simple technique for a crowd pleaser when time really isn’t on your side. Good old cheese on toast but better.

In terms of ‘homemade’ pizza this is a compromise. I don’t make the base but buy something and then build from there. I usually use naan breads (after watching my mate Sophie create amazing things with them) or most recently, thanks to the suggestion of another friend, flour tortillas.  These are cheap, quick, easy and honestly delicious. When making these for junior I smother it in Kidchup which gives the pizza a really nice sweet and savoury vibe. If I’m putting some grated apple on top and want to balance it,  I mix kidchup with passata and some garlic.  If you don’t have any Kidchup then try passata with a dash of red wine vinegar and a little crushed garlic for your tomato base.

I smuggle a lot of veg on top of these speedy pizzas. The naan bread can take a lot more ‘wet’ ingredients ie frozen spinach etc than the tortillas but both bases are delicious. Just depends if your little one is a fan or thin and crispy or thick and more bread like pizza. If you and yours prefer a straight margarita then the tortilla is perfect for this, thin, crispy and melt in your mouth. Be warned the tortillas will brown fast so keep an eye on the edges if your little one isn’t keen on things too crispy.


1 small flour tortilla (I used these ones but they do tend to stick together so maybe try some own brand ones)

1-2 Tablespoons of Kidchup or tomato paste mix

A couple of handfuls of mozzarella (I use the little balls for ease)

Topping options (as seen above):

Frozen sweetcorn, frozen peas, frozen spinach (I had no fresh veg in the fridge yesterday) and an additional handful of cheddar. I regularly add a bit of grated apple on top of the naan base but as above this would be too wet for the Tortilla base.

1. Pre-heat oven to 180C

2. Put the tortilla or naan on top of a baking tray. Spoon on the amount of Kidchup you want on top going practically to the edges

3. Add your toppings of choice then your cheese

4. Put into the top half of your oven for 10-12 minutes or until the cheese is all melted and before the edges go too crispy although Archie loves when the Tortilla edges are brown and crunchy

That’s it. A pretty enjoyable way for kids to eat some greens and a relatively low-stress meal for you to cobble together at the end of a long day.  I’m always hopeful for leftovers but more often than not there rarely are - except for last night when Archie was being awkward and just I hid in the kitchen and ate a slice. Does anyone else find their little one(s) eats better when you're in another room?